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Mountain View, Los Altos & Palo Alto Maid

Dependable Cleaning Services, The Merry Maids Guarantee

Isn't it nice when you come home to a beautifully clean home after a long day at work? With Mountain Viewmaid service from Merry Maids, customized cleaning services are both affordable and complete, allowing you to focus on things other than housework. Our professional home cleaning service can deliver the most comprehensive services designed to maintain your house with what you need.

From your first appointment with us, we learn your unique cleaning requirements. A Merry Maid develops a relationship with you, delivering cleaning service that is designed around your lifestyle and what suits your needs. Every detail is taken into consideration. We approach you with service plans and possible frequency dates and customize to your budget. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and home offices are each cleaned the way you want it and we make sure to deliver these consistent services each and every time we visit your home.

Our company was founded in 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska. In 30 years, we have expanded to an international franchise and are now the largest cleaning service network in the world. Although we service 300,000 homes, apartments and condos in North America every month, each is independently owned and operated, delivering local services in your city.

We take pride in serving our local community with the quality and care you expect. For a Mountain View maid, call Merry Maids and relax. It's Done!®

About Merry Maids®

Merry Maids has the local touch - with the backing of a corporate office. That's because our offices are individually owned and operated by people who appreciate that your time is valuable and your trust is priceless. Merry Maids' professional office staff and home cleaners take pride in serving the residents of the communities where they live. Relax. It's Done.®


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